Congratulations to Joanna Bevan from The Kindness Offensive

Joanna Bevan

As a volunteer at The Kindness Offensive, Joanna is devoted to improving life for those in need across London and further afield. Some of her achievements include running Foundation Speak Street which offers free weekly English language lessons for refugees, helping to create a sensory garden for special needs children, and organising free day trips for the elderly to museums and places of interest. Joanna is described as a ‘selfless character who is always working towards building better communities.’

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The Kindness Offensive Weaves Magic for Unexpected Recipients


I just had to write something about the amazing work prior to and over the Christmas period that The Kindness offensive has been delivering, hey folks they have been doing random acts of kindness for well over a decade and the organization just keeps going from strength to strength.

 Their acts of kindness do not have any boundaries within the fruit of their tireless efforts to evoke happiness and reinforce an act of humanity that we must not forget, what does it truly mean to be kind to our fellow human beings.

When was the last time you thought to go out and be kind to someone, just for the sake of being kind?

 The Kindness Offensive evokes the living memory we all once had to be good to our fellow citizens and act accordingly especially at certain times of the year when we are all supposed to be thinking about good will rather than who’s present I’m going to get next or can I afford that latest gadget that one of your off-spring or relatives desires.

The Kindness Offensive is living evidence that when you go out and do good for people they are appreciative and do not take your good will for granted as can be commonly perceived.

Have the days of being kind to another human being long forgotten?

Have we buried with the last millennium euphoria and blissful feelings of doing the right thing by being kind to one another?

Do you remember that Love feeling?

You know the one, when you were giving out your heart to be kind to another person that cost you nothing. And you did it because you chose too, not because you had too, or because you would look bad amongst your peers, purely because you wanted to make the other person feel good.

Is that you? Or have you buried your ecstatic feelings as well?

When the world rings the bell of humanity can you hear it? Or have you forgotten that humanitarian feeling whilst living amongst all the trials and tribulations that you go through with your day to day grind?

So many people were touched by the Kindness Offensive randomly giving out Lush Products this Christmas, sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Yes, folks they gave out over million pounds’ worth of Lush goods for FREE just to be kind to others and make YOU feel good inside.


‘’Big thank you to Lush as well for doing the right thing and backing TKO’’


‘’Big Thank You to Maida Hill Community Champions’’

Big thank you to the Vodafone team supporting Walterton & Community Homes wrapping boxes for elderly people’s party held at the WECH community centre.